Happy Mother's Day

Team MedLabz - 07 May 2016
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Maa, the first word we learn to speak is one of the most influential and important persons of our life who shaped us the way we are today and will remain same whatever we become in our life. She is the perfect representation of how a little boy needs to become a handsome teenager, a trustworthy husband and a perfect human-being.

But how much do we think of her. Sure everyone does a lot, but how much do we think of her health, more often than not. The one person who is constantly watching over us throughout our life doesn’t get the attention she deserves for her health. She works tirelessly and continuously to suffice everyone’s need and does not give a minute’s thought to her health because family is her world and that’s all she needs and cares about. Here is how we could take care of her:

  • Care about her health

    As mother gets older she gets more energetic for our needs. She is there whenever you need her disregarding the status of her health. So it is our responsibility to get her in perfect health to lead a happy life along with making her less stressed.

  • Ask your mother what she needs and wants

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to show your mom you care is to just come out and ask her how you can show your appreciation. Not making the assumption that you already know what she appreciates is the first act of appreciation. Let your mom have a voice.

  • Give your mother a day off

    Being a parent can be stressful even after children have grown up and left home. Your mom's old parental responsibilities have likely been replaced with other stressors, such as taking care of older family members.

  • Communicate with your mother

    Many of us have less than perfect relationships with our mothers, especially when it comes to communication. It's a universal issue. Improving the way you communicate with your mom is a good way to show her that you care and want to make the best of the time that you share together. “No one can trigger us like our mother. It is such a close and fraught relationship at times” a quote from Buddhist scripture.

  • Let your mother be who she is

    It's important to accept your mother for who she is. Focus on what is right about her instead of what is wrong. When listening to your mom, try to see things from her perspective. Moms have a tough job and are not always equipped to do it well, especially if they have come from a difficult family of origin themselves and have not sought help from a professional, if needed. Make sure your mom knows you care by showing her respect and appreciating her for who she is -- imperfections and all. Not every gift needs to come from a store. Through improved communication and thoughtful behavior and by being patient and kind, you can show your love and help strengthen your bond with the woman who raised you to be who you are.

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