Jump off that chair, Break the keyboard. NOT.

Mohit Vamsi Sule - 10 Oct 2015
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We all know what happens when Lex Luthor uses Kryptonite to overpower Superman, he is virtually unhurt, but from the inside he loses his energy and becomes powerless. That is what is happening to today's supermen, the employees!

In short, we are talking about one's mental health. It is not just the physical health that matters, one's mental health is just as, if not more important! We, the working class, are putting in hours in our daily jobs and to earn a livelihood. Amidst this maddening maze of work and happenings and notifications and deadlines we neglect the most important thing in our lives - ourselves.

One of the prominent Mantras in today's world is of Work and Income. But that should not be the only one. Albeit important, it is merely another aspect of life. If we look at "How jobs are taking a toll on our mental wellbeing" these are some things that are the most potent and expensive.

  • Unhappy Jobs: These, like an unhappy girlfriend or boyfriend, are a major reason why employees aren’t productive enough and a cause of the rising cases of absenteeism.
  • Long hours: 9-5. This has become so widely used that now-a-days it comes to represent a conventional and possibly tedious job, according to Wikipedia. That aside there is a lot of research which shows that such long hours are not productive and much of it goes waste. So much so that Sweden is considering moving to a 6-hour work day! Some food for thought eh!?
  • Overtime: Working those extra hours may seem a good idea to make some extra bucks, but though you feel like you can run a marathon, your mind needs a good rest after slogging the whole day (9-5, the above paragraph)! Don’t do it unless it is a dire necessity.
  • Office: The work environment is like a chemistry lab setup. You set the right conditions and everything turns out right. Introduce some disturbances, and boom! The moral is that a conducive, friendly and tolerant work environment is essential for the employees to function well and be productive.
  • Cocktail: Mixing one’s professional career and personal matters is a perfect recipe for disaster. It is always a good idea to keep those on separate tabs!
  • Commute: Travelling all those kilometers in congested metro rails or on polluted roads with traffic moving at a snail’s pace; and then repeating it in the evening? Nobody likes it, especially your mind.
  • Stress: Enter, the supervillain. Stress is known to have single-handedly caused strokes, heart ailments, depression and what not! It is on a rise in today’s working force. Unsubscribe to stress to ensure a happy life!

Support. There are some battles which can't be fought alone. Do not hesitate to ask for help or guidance when you need it. Consider visiting a counselor if you feel it is necessary.

Breathe. A long, deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, squeeze every atom of oxygen out of it and then breathe out, your fears and doubts. Take a few minutes every morning to assess your life, all that is good and what needs to change! Here's to a healthy mind and a healthy body and wishing you a Happy World Mental Health Day!

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