Yesterday was world AIDS day, but are we REALLY aware!

Mohit Vamsi Sule - 02 Dec 2015
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Monday morning, rushing to college and office, or sending your kids off to school. You are online, like that post, leave a comment there; some of you might have seen a poster commemorating the World AIDS Day, Maybe you shared it or did not. But ask yourself again, Do you know what the movement is for? Did you really contribute to it in any way?

In 1988, December 1st was declared the International AIDS Day by the WHO (World Health Organization) in order to spread awareness about AIDS and to commemorate those who succumbed fighting it. This year the theme is "On the Fast-Track to end AIDS".

AIDS can be defeated. The reason it is taking so long is Ignorance. We hold on to unfounded fears and try to have nothing to do with such issues. AIDS spreads only through bodily fluids, through sexual intercourse or when blood of an infected person gets into a person who is not infected. That is it. It does not spread by hugging or kissing. It does not spread if we sit with an affected person. Nor does it spread if we talk to, play, eat, hang out with them. Children and adults alike are bullied and singled out in many societies. It is more than rooting out a virus; it is about respecting a person, and ensuring that this stigma attached to AIDS is done away with.

We live in the time of science and medicine, of ground-breaking medical advances. It is now possible for a HIV positive person to lead a completely normal life. Antiretroviral Therapy are a combination of drugs that prevent the growth of the HIV and hence reduce AIDS. It is the mission of the UNAIDS to ensure all HIV affected persons have access to these drugs and to reduce new cases and deaths due to AIDS down to zero within this generation.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, it is your responsibility to do your bit and spread awareness. Join hands keep the promise, Get to Zero.

At Medlabz, we pledge to fight hard against this stigma and always support this cause.

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