5 amazing apps to keep you calm and focussed at workplace!

Mohit Vamsi Sule - 07 Dec 2015
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We had told you about some simple and practical tricks to lead a healthy work life. Here we present five apps that can be a really helpful in creating a well-balanced work-life! Be it a study schedule or an office job, it involves hours in front of the glowing screens. You sit for hours on a stretch working your poor brains to exhaustion. So why not go the smart way and hack your way into better work practices? How? Apps of course!

1. f.lux:

Late to bed and late to rise? Using smartphones and computers for prolonged times interferes with your circadian rhythm, tricking it into believing it is still day. f.lux is a popular desktop app that works behind the scenes and adjust your screen ‘temperature’ depending upon the time of the day. It helps reduce strain on the eyes, also you could use it to sleep better! For android, Blue-light filter and CF.lumen are great alternatives!

2. Posture Reminder:

In this era of smartphones, there are an increasing number of cases degenerative disc and various muscle and nerve problems. Also slouching makes you look lazy and lethargic. Posture is a simple, no-nonsense app whose only function is to make sure you maintain the correct neck-posture. It periodically checks the angle at which your smartphone is held and sends reminders to correct your posture. As easy as that!

3. Mood Rain:

It is really tiring listening to all the ruckus of this ever-in-motion world. News anchors screaming at you, horns blaring and kids shouting. Now imagine, a serene garden and rain all around. Nothing else to disturb you; wouldn’t it be nice and refreshing? Install Mood rain, plug in your earphones and revel in the new-found peace of rainy sounds. It will definitely calm your mind and lift your spirits up!

4. AppBlock –Stay focused:

Social networking sites and games are like time-parasites, as in they suck away all our productive time and leave you wondering why you couldn’t finish the day’s work. Stay- focused is just the app for you! You can set a time limit for any number of apps and it will automatically block the app as soon as you have used up the time! There is also an option to set the active days, so you can choose to exclude weekends and surf away on the news feed all you like. Similar apps are Stay focused and Forest: Stay focused and stay sharp.

5. Stop, Breathe, Think:

This is a one stop app for everything you need to learn about mindfulness and meditation. You can either choose to meditate on different themes with guided voices or simple relaxing music. The best thing about it is that you get to input your mood, in terms of how happy, sad or tired you are, along with your age and work; the app will give you a list of handpicked relaxation sessions of variable lengths to soothe you and get you back on track! Most of the content on this is free which is not present in some of the other apps in this category. Still if you are ready to shell a few bucks try Calm, and Buddhify2.

Workplace can be a place of stress. Which does not just take a toll on your productivity but also on your health. Simple tricks to relieve the pressure and increase our focus can go a long way to improve our professional and personal balance. Small things that take less time than a coffee break, if incorporated in our day to day work schedule can help us not in just staying awake but also in staying active and at our best. So go ahead, try these out and see which works the best for you and do give us your feedback on them.

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