Do you know, how and when you should drink water to keep you healthy?

medlabz - 20 Mar 2017
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Do you know, how and when you should drink water to keep you healthy?

People are very much busy these days to take care of his/her health due to busy working patterns, change in habits and much more…

Everyone wishes to go to a gym, walk, jog, do some physical workout, follow a proper diet plan, change eating habits, follow a proper sleep cycle. But, very few actually follow.

Always you can start something small and simple – like drinking water

Drink lots of Water, perfect time and the right amount, regularly, it’s just that simple…..

You’re done 🙂

But how? When?

1. Just after you get up before you brush

water wake up.png

A glass or two just after you wake up helps in activating the internal organs. Drink before you brush as the toothpaste you use contains fluoride.

2. Before you bath

woman bath

One more glass just before you take your daily bath helps you to avoid high blood pressure.

3. Before a meal

woman meal

Have some more water 30mins before you have any mean, this helps in digestion and you also eat less may be 🙂

4. Before you sleep

woman sleep

Your body constantly does all its functions though you are in sleep, so keep yourself hydrated to make the processes more effective, water helps in transporting nutrients to all parts of the body more effectively if you are enough hydrated.

This habit also helps in avoiding midnight strokes and heart attacks.

No one wants to have an attack while sleeping, do you? 😛

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