Do you know what happens in your body when you love someone?

medlabz - 27 Mar 2017
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Do you know what happens in your body when you love someone?

Love is the best feeling for everyone, isn’t it?

You start feeling happy, your food tastes better, the sun feels brighter and nothing brings you down. You feel amazing and also exhausting at the same time.

It’s all in your head, brain floods new hormones which make you happy, anxious, musical and sometimes insane. It’s funny, confusing, scary and life-changing, all at the same time.

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Here are some things that happen to you –

1.  It’s physically addictive

Scientists say, falling in love activates those areas in your brain similar to those found in cocaine addicts. Brain floods hormones including dopamine, serotonin, cortisol, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin.

physically addictive

So that’s why falling in love feels so wonderful, and why you’ll lose it if someone tries to make moves on your boo.

2. Your heart skips and your palms sweat


When you think about your partner, blood flow to that pleasure center of the brain increases flooding adrenaline and norepinephrine into your body.

These two hormones are responsible for heart skips and sweaty palms. These two hormones also lead to feelings of “craving, elation and focused attention”, this is why you are unable to think about anything besides your love.

3. You feel butterflies in your stomach

butterflies 1

So you actually feel like there are “butterflies in your stomach”. As oxytocin creates a feeling of happiness but cortisol at the same time makes you feel stressed.


You keep on thinking, what did she really mean? why did she call me?  etc…

The stress hormone contracts blood vessels around your gut, this is the reason for those butterflies in your stomach.

4. Your lover can help calm the stress, though

Maybe if she is comfortable, kissing her releases endorphins and dopamine, reducing some of that stress.


5. The eyes have it.

When you look at the one whom you love, you feel nervous and excited.

eyes 2

All this excitement and nervousness stimulates your nervous system’s sympathetic branch. This causes your eyes to dilate.

So why do all these happen? Because your Hormones Go Nuts!!!

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