Ever wondered why Itching Feels So Damn Good?

medlabz - 28 Mar 2017
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Ever wondered why Itching Feels So Damn Good?

When you feel like itching you scratch and scratch. Ooh! feels so sweet, right? It’ s probably the best satisfying sensation one can feel.

Itching is due to irritation of skin cells or never cells associated with one’s skin and there are several reasons for this from your Nani’s itchy wool sweater to soaps, skin infections, food allergies and much more.


Itch, also called pruritus, is one of the important self-defense and sensory mechanisms to alert humans to harmful external agents or invaders.

In the case of a mosquito, your best friend at night, who kisses you daily, leaves her saliva (invader), this saliva causes the body to release histamines which cause an itchy sensation.
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Histamine activates the neuro-receptors, asking your spine to send a signal to your brain. This generates scratching or a rubbing reflex response. Scratching blocks the itching sensation and stimulates serotonin which is a feel good hormone.

Well, it’s sometimes helpful in relieving the itch but, the relief is temporary.

Better, consult a good dermatologist if you scratch like hell.


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