Gaining Weight !! Blame Weather

medlabz - 24 May 2017
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Gaining Weight !! Blame Weather

As seasons change, you may notice a change in your eating and exercise habits. While some of these changes are positive, others can have a negative impact on your choices and lead to unwanted weight gain.



Summer can also make it harder to stick to your workouts. Hot temperatures and humidity can leave you feeling lethargic and make it unsafe to exercise outside.


Hot weather tempts you for cold beverages and ice cream to cool down but makes your fat levels go up by consuming extra 600-800 calories.



Autumn brings cooler temperatures that are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Unfortunately, it is also a busy time of year for families. You may feel overwhelmed with little time to be active.


After working so hard all summer long, we dig into a bowl of pasta without judgment. A little pumpkin or caramel-flavored treat here and there is one thing — but a lot of people prefer that cooler temps often result in being cosy and save energy which results to undesired weight gain.



If we gain a few pounds during the winters, we often blame the extra cookies and great food we ate or lack of exercise during the season’s cold and dark days.


When winter hits, the cravings for high-carbohydrate comfort foods come with it. With fewer fresh foods available, you may fall into a rut with food choices and be tempted by unhealthy comfort foods.



As you transition out of a long winter, spring weather can be a motivating force to eat healthier and to get moving, but one thing could get you off track. After three months of sticking to your new year’s resolutions, it may be tempting to give up, especially if you aren’t seeing the changes you expected. Heading into spring feeling discouraged may prevent you from taking advantage of outdoor workouts and seasonal fresh foods, and cause you to return to old habits.


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