Hate Taking Pills? Try These Techniques

medlabz - 04 Apr 2017
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Hate Taking Pills? Try These Techniques

40% of the people have trouble swallowing pills. On the other side, some people take pills without any problem.

For some people, it just doesn’t happen with them, they feel so resentful, they have strong gag reflexes which make them stop taking medication. This turns out to be problematic in situations where it’s truly necessary.


Nowadays you get pills in various colours, shapes and sizes with different coatings. Whether it should be a tablet or a pill or a tonic is determined by what the drug is and how it gets affected by the acids in your stomach.

Here are some techniques to swallow pills easily:

1. Pop Bottle Method

This method is used to take large and dense tablets. Initially place the tablet on your tongue, close your lips tightly around the bottle opening, tilt your head back while you drink water. Done, it’s that easy 🙂


2. Lean Forward Method

For capsules, place the capsule on your tongue, sip some water and lean your head forward while you swallow. See, it’s so simple 🙂


3. Take Pills with Food

These methods are for people who have strong gag reflexes, fear of vomiting to the smell and taste of the pill.

With Bread: 

Take a small piece of bread, chew it properly until it becomes a sticky mass inside your mouth, stick the pill inside this mass and swallow along with the bread.


With Honey:
Initially, drink some water to hydrate your throat. Take some honey in a tablespoon, place the pill in the middle, swallow the pill inside with honey and again have some water to make it easier. Having water before and after taking the pill is necessary as honey is sticky and relatively thick.


With Butter:
Water, then some butter along with your pill and again some water.


With Curd (Yogurt to west):
Water, curd plus pill, water 🙂 


With Ice Cream:
This one is the best, some water again, pill+ice cream, followed by water 😀


So now try these tricks to stay healthy, don’t skip your medicines.



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