How MedLabz Braveheart fought in Mumbai rain

medlabz - 31 Aug 2017
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How MedLabz Braveheart fought in Mumbai rain


29th Aug 2017 – A day Mumbai won’t forget for some time.

Heavy, nonstop rain completely submerged the Maximum City, bringing back memories of the terrible flood of 2005 that had brought Mumbai to its knees.

As the waters started rising, and the City declared an emergency, we at MedLabz understood Mumbai was in trouble and so our braveheart technicians dived straight into the deep end and set about helping as many people as they could in an emergency, risking their own personal safety for blood collection of critical patients.

We are sharing one of the heart warming stories that we witnessed that day –

On his way back home, one of our technicians Mayur Sarang received a call at 11:30 AM from a patient in Dadar who urgently wanted a dengue and Malaria test but could not go out of the home because of the waist-deep water. Without giving a second thought, Mayur turned his bike and headed toward the patient’s home to do the sample collection.

There were many such stories of MedLabz team members doing far more than anyone could have asked of them.

We are proud to have professionals like Mayur Sarang. His – and others – actions during this difficult time are a true manifestation of what MedLabz stands for. We’d like to reiterate to all our patients – and their families – that no matter how difficult and traumatizing the times may be, we are truly “By Your Side”.

If you are sick or need a routine health checkup, here is a helpline – Call Medlabz at 7879800800 or visit and we will get you tested at home at a discounted price.

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