Monsoon Health Hacks for Mumbaikar

medlabz - 10 Jul 2017
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Monsoon Health Hacks for Mumbaikar

Hey, Mumbaikars! First and foremost showers of rain are healthily invited by everybody in the wake of encountering the searing high temperature of summer. Anyway, rainstorm diminishes the invulnerability of our body and makes us defenceless to numerous sicknesses which are generally connected with this season.

Dietary Guidelines for Monsoons:

Light Diet, which is low in fat and effectively absorb-able, is exhorted. Rich, sleek and zesty nourishment must be maintained a strategic distance from as additionally greatly frosty sustenance and cool refreshments.

Avoid Road Side Food Intake, as the occurrence of nourishment borne sicknesses, shoots up in this climate because of good temperature for expanded microbial growth(especially microscopic organisms). Likewise, road nourishment is presented to flies, which could additionally help cause air and foodborne diseases.


Drink Bounteous Fluid: All manifestations of drinks are advantageous. Prefer you intake juices of vegetables like a Bitter gourd, beetroot and carrot juices etc.It increases immunity and maintains balance.


Regulate the Nature of Drinking Water: With downpours, water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis and the runs are additionally on the ascent. Other than general cleanliness and safety measures in sustenance, nature of water additionally needs to be directed.

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