This is How You Can Help Your Parents Get Healthier

medlabz - 13 Apr 2017
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This is How You Can Help Your Parents Get Healthier

Did you ever think about your parent’s health and wished they were healthier?

It’s not only you, but a lot of people worry about their parent’s health. And many people want their parents to take some steps to be healthier and live longer.

It’s always good to express the same, maybe your parents would be surprised and happy to learn that you are concerned about them. Explain them in the right way, you might inspire your parents to start exercising or practising yoga or eating more fruits and vegetable or eating fewer carbohydrates or consuming less alcohol or even quitting smoking.

Here are some tips on how to talk to your parents about their health habits:

1. Make an ideal list

Try to explain what made you think about this topic. Is there something unhealthy which they are doing and you wish they should stop doing it, or do less? Is there an awesome and a healthy habit – like yoga or exercise or eating fruits – that you wish they do more often? Compile your list and on top of that always add getting more sleep and relaxing more – two best, healthy ideas for everyone.

2. Learn how to say it

Bringing change is tough, it’s not easy as you think. It’s not necessary for someone to do it just because you love them. So you have to put it in the right way and nail it. Avoid criticising them or insulting them, rather explain them gently. Like, I want you to be strong and healthy so that we can have lots of fun and awesome times together. Or I wish we eat more fruits or exercise more or go on a morning walk for couple hours in a week.

3. Bring it up at the right time

Choose those moments when they are in good mood, relaxed and have ample time to talk.

4. You initiate, always pitch in!

Ask them for a walk after dinner or help them make a healthy meal together every Sunday or get some fresh fruits or vegetables which you fell they should have. Always pitch in and put in some extra efforts from your side, let them know that you are willing to make an effort.

5. Make a decision together

Once you have succeeded in bringing up the topic, you and parents should work together to bring about that change. Discuss how to take things ahead, what should be your next step? fix some easy but specific goals. Like,

  • I’ will have one fruit every morning
  • I will reduce having more sugar
  • I will have green tea once in a day
  • I will drink 3 litres of water every day
  • I will go on a walk daily after dinner
  • I will stop buying packed or preserved food
  • I will get my regular checkups done on time and much more

6. Encourage and Cheer them up!

You have to push them and encourage them as they start following those steps. Tell them that you are proud of them. Give them a hug or write a small note of encouragement which will boost their need to stay healthier. A great way to show how much you care!

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