This is why you should donate blood at least once in your lifetime

medlabz - 21 Mar 2017
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This is why you should donate blood at least once in your lifetime

1. Helps in burning some calories

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By donating blood once you can lose up to 650Kcal. As it is acceptable to donate blood once is three months depending on the person’s heath condition, hemoglobin levels, and iron levels. So when you want to burn some extra calories, you can donate some blood ­čśÇ

2. Hemochromatosis (Iron overload)

blood iron

Hemochromatosis is caused due to excess iron in the body. Excess iron in the body poisons the organs and can lead to cancer or irregular heartbeat or liver cirrhosis. Blood donation helps in reducing the risk of hemochromatosis.

3. Reduce risk of Cancer
Blood cancer

Every time you donate blood, the iron levels in the body are maintained at healthy levels. Blood donation reduces iron levels thus reducing the risk of cancer.

4. You produce new blood cells
Blood bone marrow
After blood donation, your body produces new blood cells to compensate the blood loss. New blood cells help in maintaining good health.

5.┬áFree Health Check-up ­čśÇ

blood free health checkup.jpeg

One can donate blood only if he is fit and healthy. So, before you donate certain blood tests are performed on the donor free of cost. So, donating blood regularly will help you keep a check on your health \m/

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