You think you are Healthy, get Blood Test first?

medlabz - 31 May 2017
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You think you are Healthy, get Blood Test first?

People prefer to take preventive steps by carrying out investigations and pathological tests at regular intervals so that in the case of a problem it is identified right in the beginning. There are many instances where it has been seen that taking these tests on a regular basis have helped in averting serious and fatal health conditions.

Getting the ‘real’ complete measurements with blood check up

You might see from the outside that a person is extremely lean and thin and has no fat depositions in the body. But when blood check up is done, it is found that the person suffers from high cholesterol, which means that there are fat depositions, which can create fatal conditions. Many non-obese people have been detected with severe cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

Cholesterol test

Blood tests like LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, triglycerides, HbA1C, blood sugars are carried out for getting the ‘real’ measurements.

Not waiting for symptoms to show that there is some ailment


Getting a regular blood check up done is a great way of ascertaining what kinds of changes are taking place inside the body. The regular check up will also help in understanding how the body is being impacted by the diet, supplements, lifestyle and exercise.

Comprehensiveness is the important factor

You might be facing a health problem, but might not know the real reason behind the problem. Random guessing of the reasons might not cure the problem, as it will only be a trial and error method. It is important to find the root cause of the problem so that the right kind of treatment can be done for the same.

Every person is different


The biochemistry of one person varies from the other. So a uniform guideline will not work for everyone. The diet or the supplements that suit your friend very well might not suit you at all. This is because of the different biochemistry makeup that both of you have. Blood tests can help in understanding the constituents of your body and your diet, supplements, lifestyle etc. and can be guided accordingly.

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